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Version 1.6.0

New App Icon

Verbcode got a new icon to better mach OS X standards.

Verbcode is now free!

We removed all licensing logic so everyone can profit from the software we carefully built.

Version 1.5.0

Removed .strings support

We decided to remove the support for .strings files, making it easier for us to concentrate on the core functionality of the app, being .json & .yaml files.
We do not plan to drop .yaml / .yml support.

Overall security updates

This release bumped underlying dependencies to their latest stable versions.


  • when being at root in the menu while having a file open it wasn't possible to create a new file or folder.
  • .yml extension was not selectable on new project creation.
  • on a new project creation the window was not reset in some cases.

these are now all fixed 🎉

Version 1.4.0


We significantly improved our codebase to deliver a faster, more performant user experience

Version 1.3.0


Refreshed the Verbcode UI with a sleek and cleaner appearance, enhancing the user experience.

fix yaml & strings import

Resolved a critical issue where yaml and strings files couldn't be imported when a designated folder had different file extensions within.

Improved Notifications

Enhanced the notification system by providing more informative Warnings in the Toast. Additionally, we've added the ability to quickly navigate to settings from select notifications for a smoother user experience.

Version 1.2.0

YAML files support

Users can now effortlessly import and export translations using YAML files. This integration streamlines the localization process for platforms that utilize YAML, making your localization workflow even more flexible and efficient.

.strings files support

With the new support for .strings files, the app now extends its compatibility to macOS and iOS platforms. Importing and managing .strings files have never been easier, allowing for a seamless integration into your existing development process.

Version 1.1.0

DeepL integration

You can now enhance your localization workflow by integrating with DeepL. Simply add your DeepL API key to the settings, and you'll be ready to start translating directly within the app. This new feature brings more power and flexibility to your translation processes.

Copy to clipboard

Navigating your i18n tools has become even more convenient! You now have the ability to copy the path in the required format for your internationalization tool. Simply open the context menu on a specific item and select 'copy path', or click on the breadcrumbs to copy the path to your clipboard. This update streamlines your workflow and makes handling paths more efficient.