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Why do you need Verbcode?

Handling translations is easy — as long as you need to manage only one file

  • Verbcode steps onto the stage, presenting an elegant UI for centralized control of all your translation files.
  • Make a one-time purchase and own it for a lifetime.
  • Simply bring your own API key to unlock auto-translate features and maintain complete control over costs.


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Dark mode

Switch between light and dark mode.
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Intuitive user interface

Elevating User Experience to New Heights.
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Import and export

Works with json and yaml files.

Supports multiple languages

Translate with a simple button click. Simply provide your own DeepL API Key. Learn how it's done

Continuous development

We continuously invest in the further development of Verbcode.
version 1.6.2


Supports popular file formats (.json, .yaml)
Multi-platform support (Windows, OS X, Linux)
DeepL integration to provide your own API Key
Intuitive user interface
translated in 29 languages